Gift Wrap

Alright I'll admit that when I was a kid I would sneak in and pry open the wrapping on a few (okay on all of my gifts) to see what they where. I would always re-wrap them and no one was the wiser well except for the few times I got cought. Now my family is still watching me!

Whats worse is that they feel that going MacGyver with the tape when anything gets wrapped for me is going to protect there precious gifty surprise! I am so over sneaking a peak, now shaking the box and asking for hints does not make me a present slut!

Okay it might but I'm okay with that.
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Hard Day

Two steps (rant)

I hate it when everything shifts two steps to the left and your just gasping to catch up and in the end you know,  just know that there is no way that you can. You just can't because the world keeps moving no matter how long you stand there waiting for you turn.

Everyone only wants to be your friend or around you when your happy and when your not then your no good to them. So much for fare weather friends I really don't want any more of those they take to much time away from...what does it matter what, it's too much time to give to people you can't call and talk to.
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Too long

Okay I know, I know I’ve got a few stories still out there still undone and well more plot bunnies than I know what to do with but hum …yeah I got nothing.


I’m am feeling a lot better though and Dawn and I are starting the Artist Way together and we get to meet on Sundays! Go us.


Anyways I wanted to update when I had some cute funny story so here it is :yesterday at the book store this pretty little prefect type came in about 16 and I was like ‘May I help you’, and she was like ‘I would like the scary non-fiction where’s that?’ Thank God my Manger steped in at this point and said ‘I’ll help you’ because I was about to at least get a write up. I was in one second going to say you have got to be joking the scary non-fiction, no wait I’m sorry it’s right next to the true fiction. Some days I wish things were different that I was different and then I remember I could be the pretty perfect scary non-fiction type and I love myself a little bit more with all my bad points.  


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Sue me

16 things

I was taged a long time ago so here you go:

16 things

  1. I knit to calm my nerves
  2. I am very good at killing video game monsters
  3. I can spin my own yarn
  4. I have two outdoor trash cans full of purses and bags
  5. I love my dog more than most people
  6. I don’t watch TV very much but cant get enough of youtube
  7. I in love with the idea of make up right now
  8. I love getting my hands dirty (art, yarn, dirt…)
  9. I hate to drive
  10. My house is always messy because I’m online
  11. I feel guilty for liking to be alone
  12. I rather have a nice computer instead of a nice car
  13. I have a very good sense of smell
  14. You can tell my mood by the music I’m listening to
  15. People hurt my feelings all the time and because I’m tough they think it’s okay
  16. I rather be reading fanfiction than doing almost anything else
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My Hero Xan

Still in love

My birthday has come and gone but what is most important the very beautiful Buffy box set is in my possession! All seven seasons of vampire goodness, all feels so right with the world.

Haven’t been doing much but sleeping and today I got two room cleaned and organized and its still early might try for a third or maybe I’ll just watch Hellboy 2. Oh what shall I do?

In case you wondered I’m still in love:

Isn’t he pretty!

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No Buffy for me....

So this is a Buffy rant you know that wonderful Buffy set that I ordered well they were a bunch of liars. I never got it but I did get my money back. It was the first time I bought something from ebay that went wrong I really wasn’t expecting the type of drama I went though. First after paying 14.99 for shipping they sent it US post and after a week when the post office said it never arrived I went though hoops to get someone to respond to my email and was told to wait another week. After that week more internet tag ending with me typing “give my back my money and I wont rate you and for 14.99 you could have sent it UPS”, which they did. More than two weeks, they claimed to have emailed me to tell the package was lost in the mail they never did. Then they said I could wait three to four weeks and they would send me another one, the time line to file a claim on ebay is only 45 days. Do they really think that I’m that stupid.

Okay so I’ve complained and now for your viewing pleasure I give you Rain:

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I copied crazed_delusion and I did it for sureasdawn

You are a Waterbender!


The first waterbenders learned how to bend water by watching the moon control the tides. Waterbenders use Chi, the energy that flows through life, in combat. They redirect their opponent’s Chi rather than using direct strikes. Waterbending is stronger at night and strongest during the full moon. Waterbending is not possible during a lunar eclipse.

Which Element do you Bend?

I thought of my self as more of a firebender. Strange.
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Things You Keep


This is my attempt at getting back my writing mojo.

Things you keep
Author: yessire
Rating: Pg

Fandom: Angel/Buffy
Pairing: Angel/Xander.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the pretty boys, in fact I own nothing except my dog, and she never does what she’s told.
Summary: Sometimes the things you throw away define you as much as the things you keep.

Setting: Two years after Angel goes to LA.

Feedback: Please or you could always send candy…lots of candy.

Collapse )


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Brain reset

Hey did you know that I ordered the set of Buffy DVD’s seasons 1-7 chosen collection and I can’t wait to get it.  I so want it!


I have to say that my brain has on auto pilot it’s like I just don’t want to deal with anything serious in my real life right now. Cause in point yesterday at work I found myself seriously reading a romance novel  (click to see the book) I was ‘like this is really a great book’ truth be told at about 84 pages there is fan fiction out there that reads just as good or better and it free. I think my brain is telling me that it needs some rest.


Right now at work the boss is going crazy because loss prevention is coming down hard on everyone and that means she is running changing things hoping that will help the loss numbers and of course the first place to look is the employees, so I just bought like 100 dollars worth of holds I had and still she like telling how I need to make sure that when I buy things it rings up right and blah blah blah. What more do you want from me! I feel like returning all of it and buying my stuff online because even with my discount it’s still about the same or a better deal online. Needless to say work has been tense as of late! I so just need to finish my degree and get out of there. Right now this minute I am going to start cleaning my computer room because it’s crazy messy then later Noodle Café!

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